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August 2023  

Fellow Citizens of South Congaree:  

I hope everyone has had a pleasant summer and now it's hard to believe we are sending our children and grandchildren off to start a new school year!  Please keep watch for students who walk to school and for those that are waiting on the big yellow taxi.  I have noticed some that are standing in the early morning when it is still dark waiting on their school bus.  Let's all please watch for these students and take extra precaution for their safety.  


All municipalities, regardless of size, must adopt by ordinance a balanced annual budget and Council adopted the 2024 Budget of $1,283,009.   


State law (Section 5-7-240) requires all municipalities, regardless of population or budget size, to submit a financial audit to the State Treasurer's office within 13 months of the end of that municipality's fiscal year.  The Town is currently working to complete the audit for fiscal year 2021 and move forward with required audit for fiscal year 2022.  


The annual South Congaree Championship Rodeo that was held in July brought more than 4,235 people to the Arena.  This event promotes local economy with a $1 million dollar footprint that supports South Congaree and our neighboring municipalities!  The Rodeo brings thousands of people to South Congaree that never even knew our wonderful town existed and we are grateful for that.  


In July, myself and Councilwoman Kitty Spires attended the SC Municipal Association’s 2023 Annual Meeting in Greenville, SC.  While attending the conference, we attended a Small City Summit meeting for municipalities with less than 3,000 citizens.  The conference brings more than 700 municipal officials from around the state together to receive training, information and knowledge from experienced elected officials and legislators.  The keynote speaker, Chris Singleton, was inspiring, motivational and encouraging.  Chris is a former minor league baseball player drafted by the Chicago Cubs. He became a nationally-renowned speaker with a message of resilience, forgiveness and unity following the loss of his mother in the 2015 Mother Emanual Church Tragedy in Charleston.  Chris statement, "the worst thing a person could be is a public success and a private failure."  This quote spoke to me and reminded me of what it means to be a public servant.  My pledge will continue to be to serve the citizens of South Congaree; work as hard as possible to make our wonderful town a safe, clean and welcoming place to live while striving to provide the quality of life our citizens deserve.  I especially appreciate the opportunity to meet Mayors from other municipalities; listen and learn from their experiences; and receive encouragement to continue working hard to fulfill the vision of making South Congaree the best it can be.  Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibilities that come with serving as your Mayor!


I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to visit one of South Congaree's biggest assets.  The South Congaree Pine Ridge Library is located on Sunset Drive.  They offer many programs for all ages and I promise you will be glad you did. 


As Mayor, I receive many phone calls and emails from concerned citizens and business owners.  Please remember that the Mayor has no more authority than Council.  The Town of South Congaree’s Council is a Council Form of Government which simply means the Mayor has an equal vote and no veto power.  However, I am an advocate for the citizens of our Town and I will continue to work to ensure South Congaree respects everyone equally and fairly.  I pledge to build a stronger and more prosperous community by advocating for civil engagement, respecting others and their viewpoints, and finding solutions for the betterment of my town.  


The next Team Up 2 Cleanup litter will be held on Saturday, August 26th.  Volunteers will meet at 9 a.m. at Town Hall, 119 W Berry Road, to collect grabbers, gloves, bags, vests and register for door prizes!       


Become an active citizen by attending our monthly Council meetings. You have an open invitation to attend all the Council meetings in person. In the event you can’t attend in person, please know that the meetings will continue to be livestreamed via the Town’s Facebook.  Should you have a concern or want to get involved don’t hesitate to email me at


"It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit."  John Wooden 


Cindy Campbell, Mayor  

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