Mayor’s Message

April 2021

Fellow Citizens of South Congaree:

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Team Up 2 Cleanup South Congaree litter pick up on Saturday, April 17th.  The main thoroughfares of our town look much cleaner, and it is because we have the best citizens who care!  THANK YOU to Mr. Greg Lee, Food Lion Store Manager, for the gift cards and to Mr. Neal, Palm Pantry Owner, for the generous donation.  Because of these donations the Planning Commission members provided a cookout at the South Congaree Park for volunteers.  Our own Officer Sharpe was a valuable part of this pickup and his efforts to help keep the Town of South Congaree clean and beautiful are greatly appreciated!

The Zoning Board of Appeals is now fully established. Newly appointed members are Rodney Krantz, Dwayne Prosser, Renee Gaskin, Vicki Wooten and Ken Edmonds.  Thank you to these citizens that have volunteered to serve on this Board!

Congratulations to the Friends of the South Congaree-Pine Ridge Library for receiving the Outstanding Friends’ Group Award from the Friends of South Carolina Libraries!  Mr. Bobby Keisler, Lexington County Council District 5 (Retired) and Mr. McLain Toole, SC House of Representatives, District 88 (Retired) were recognized and presented with the Friends of South Carolina Libraries Outstanding Public Official Award for their efforts in helping to secure a library branch for our community. These awards are doubly impressive because they are state awards where all the South Carolina library Friends’ groups participate. The Friends of South Congaree Pine Ridge Library presented the inaugural Carol B. Clark Scholarship to recipients Caroline Reddick (Airport High School) and Zoe Kimble (White Knoll High School).  An Awards Ceremony was held at Town Hall on April 26. The South Congaree-Pine Ridge Library is located at 200 Sunset Drive in South Congaree.  Visit for more information about how you can become a friend to the South Congaree-Pine Ridge Library.   Congratulations to these winners! 

I was recently reminded of the reasons that I ran for Mayor of the Town of South Congaree.  Please know that nine months later, those reasons are still true for me today. 

Integrity & Transparency for our town means that we stand true to ethical, honest, and transparent business practices; it means that all council members are informed of all meetings; and it means that we are serious about implementing State, County and Town ordinances, which should be the norm for an effective and efficient government.


Governing Body & Professional Management reminds us that we are a council form of government where the mayor and each council member have one vote and where the mayor and council work together in a professional manner to carry out the town’s business.  We operate through parliamentary procedure and follow Robert’s Rules of Order in managing our meetings. We work to manage the town’s business by ethical business practices, we follow town ordinances and state law, and there are no gentlemen’s agreements or ‘good ‘ole boy system tactics used in governing and managing. 

Transparent Fiscal Management ensures that the financial records are available to council members and town citizens; that information about the town’s finances are made available when requested; and that  budget planning is a scheduled process that begins early in the year, is developed by all of council and town departments, and is not a last-minute, hurried attempt to complete by the June deadline.

Leadership & Training is paramount for all elected officials and provides the opportunity to become an informed, knowledgeable, and certified municipal official. This allows all members of council to be knowledgeable of the laws and processes that the town must follow which means that our town government will better serve you, our citizens.

Open & Fair Hiring Practices promote transparency and avoid nepotism in the hiring practices of all town employees.


Honest, Open Communication allows access to the minutes of all meetings, the monthly financial reports, and interaction by means of efforts such as this message. By having honest and open communication we avoid rumors and misinformation. We need to only be disseminating the facts.

The first ten months as your Mayor have been enlightening, extremely busy, yet exciting and at times incredibly challenging. Some of the above promises are harder to fulfill than others because we are a council form of government where a majority vote of council is required.  I will continue to promote the Town of South Congaree, work with and improve relationships with County and State Legislators, be a good neighbor to our surrounding municipalities, and work to provide professional customer service to the citizens. The Town of South Congaree has a lot to offer, and I am proud of what we are accomplishing for the good of all citizens!

Council is currently working on the 2021-22 budget.  It is important that citizens know what the budget plans are for next year.  To be informed and engaged in the process, you are invited to attend council meetings where you have the opportunity to present your concerns, comments, and suggestions.  We are waiting on the results of the 2018-19 audit. We will continue to move forward by requesting the audit for 2019-20 as soon as possible.

On March 11, 2021, the Federal Government signed into the law the American Rescue Plan. The Municipal Association of South Carolina (MASC) is providing information and updates as they are received from the U.S. Department of Treasury.  Initial estimates have been released for South Carolina municipalities. However, the U.S. Department of Treasury is still working to finalize the distribution amounts.  The MASC has advised that municipalities are not to use any of the estimates that are circulating for planning purposes.  When the Treasury finalizes the amounts for SC cities and towns, the Association will make them available.  Allocations are determined based on population size.  The Federal Government will provide guidelines to municipalities to advise what these funds may be used for. These funds can be recouped by the Federal Government if the recipient does not comply with the stated eligible uses.   

To stay informed about town happenings, we welcome and encourage you to attend our Town Council meetings. The Town Council meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Work Sessions are held prior to Council Meetings on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Regularly scheduled meetings are also livestreamed via Facebook. 


Let’s continue working together to make South Congaree the best small town in South Carolina! 

Cindy Campbell, Mayor