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July 14th, 2020

Election Results

South Congaree residents speak with their vote and elect their leadership for the next four years


July 14, 2020


South Congaree, SC (Paul Kirby) – In a race to see who will lead the Town of South Congaree over the next four years, the people of the town showed with their votes how passionate their feelings were about this slate of elected officials. A near record crowd turned out to cast their ballots for who will be their mayor and which two candidates were best for the two town council seats that were up for grabs. By the time the polls had closed at 7:00 p.m., 416 citizens had cast their votes in the contentious race. 


When all the votes, Cindy Campbell came out on top receiving 159 votes. Danny Jones was just 19 votes behind with 140 and Brian Jackson took 111.


Incumbent Mayor Danny Jones was being challenged by current Town Councilmember Brian Jackson and political newcomer Cindy Campbell. Both Jones and Jackson are members of what could be considered the “old guard” of the town with family ties to the community that go back countless years. Their ideas on what the town should be like in the future and how to get there were very different. 

Campbell was raised in South Congaree, left after living in town for forty years to live in a nearby community, and then returned to her hometown to live in Blue Ridge Terrace. She also wants to see changes and says she’s ready and eager to lead. After she was declared the winner Tuesday Campbell said, “I’m overwhelmed. We had a good day today.” 


In the race for the two town council seats, incumbent Dwayne Prosser and Mechelle Mabry faced political newcomers Jim Drennan, Teddy Huff, and Wally Shangle. After the votes were counted, incumbent Mechelle Mabry had 231 votes, Jim Drennan drew 189, Teddy Huff received 155, and incumbent Dwayne Prosser was unseated with 91 votes total. Wally Shangle has just 51 cast for him. Since the person with the most votes wins in South Congaree’s elections, that means that Mabry and Drennan will take the two open council seats. 


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