Town of South Congaree, SC

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In conjunction with the Lexington Countywide Stormwater Consortium


1. To create a model collaborative water quality education program in Lexington County that can be implemented throughout South Carolina and beyond. 

2. To foster citizen involvement and encourage behavioral change.
3. To achieve clean and healthy tributaries, rivers and ground waters throughout Lexington County. 

As a member of the LCSC, we will strive to enhance and support healthy, fishable and swimmable waterways in Lexington County through public education and stakeholder collaboration, by doing our part in the Town limits of South Congaree.  

Where Can I Learn More?
To learn more, check out the Useful Links and Resources at the top right of this page. You may also contact our Stormwater Manager at Town Hall. Please call (803) 755-2760 or use the Contact Us form on this page for any questions, concerns or complaints regarding your Stormwater issues.