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    Council & Mayor Mayor Cindy Campbell, Mayor Pro Tem Mechele Mabry, Councilmember Brian Jackson, Councilmember Bob Porter, MBA, Councilmember Jim Drennan The Town of South Congaree operates under a Council form of government. ​ The mayor shall hold office for four (4) years or until a successor shall be duly elected and qualified. Council members shall be elected to serve for staggered four (4) year terms or until their successors shall be duly elected and qualified. Mayor and Council have appointed a town clerk to run the day-to-day operation of the Town.

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    CONTACT US South Congaree Town Hall 119 West Berry Rd. West Columbia, SC 29170 (803) 755-2760 Emergencies Dial 911 Contact the town hall by e-mail with questions, comments, or concerns by using the form below Success! Message received. Send

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    The Next Agenda Is Not Yet Available. Agendas Are Normally Finalized Several days Before The Next Meeting. Please Check Back.

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    Permit Information Lexington County issues all building permits and required inspections within the Town. Any questions or requests for permitting, inspections, etc. please contact: Chance Price Building Official, CBO, CFM, MCP 803-785-8130 (Main) 803-785-8125 (Desk) Contact Us Any owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system, in the Town of South Congaree, shall first obtain the required building or mechanical permits from Lexington County. ​ If you are the property owner and wish to perform the work yourself, you need to complete an Owner Acknowledgment Form , which states you must abide by all Zoning Ordinances and Building Regulations required by the Town of South Congaree. ​ Municipal Clerk (803) 755-2760 ext. 101 Documents & Forms RESIDENTIAL PLAN REVIEW GUIDELINES OWNER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM

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    the south congaree-pine ridge branch library Click - Library System Website Click - friends of the library The South Congaree Pine Ridge Branch Library is a part of the County of Lexington's library system. It is located at 200 Sunset Drive West Columbia, SC. It is a full service library with thousand of books currently on their shelves. If there's a book you'd like and it's in the library system at another branch, they can get it moved for you. They have an extensive video collection and computers for public use. Throughout the year, there are many activities planned that are enjoyed by children and adults alike. They are especially active in the summer months when children are out of school. This instills a love of reading in children and helps to combat the summer slide. They also hold workshops on everything from scarp-booking to sushi making. Children enjoy parties and fun days and there's a beautiful serenity garden in the rear. The library is not just for children. There are many books, videos, and activities geared toward the adult. There is always something to do at the library and they'd love to have you get involved in their Friends of the Library program. South Congaree-Pine Ridge Branch Library ​ MON - 9:00 AM 5:00 PM TUE - 11:00 AM 7:00 PM WED - CLOSED THU - 12:00 AM 6:00 PM FRI - 9:00 AM 5:00 PM SAT - 10:00 AM 1:00 PM SUN - CLOSED Out of gallery

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    car washing Washing your car at home can use 80-140 gallons of water – In comparison, a commercial car wash facility uses 40-45 gallons of water per wash. Many commercial car washes recycle and reuse the wash water that is generated. Most professional car washes save water by using high pressure pumps to clean the car thoroughly while conserving water. The presence of soap in waterways at low concentrations can kill fish eggs and at higher concentrations lead to fish kills. There are 214,023 personal vehicles registered in Lexington County. If 40% of those vehicles are washed at home once a month, then well over 82 million gallons of polluted water could potentially enter local waterways. "What is a Rain barrel?" Save rain, save water, save money! Did you know that half of a typical household’s water use is outside of the home? That’s half of your water bill! Rain barrels, or similar rain catchment systems (cisterns), have been used throughout history in many different cultures. Rainwater collection systems offer many benefits to individuals who use them, ranging from lower water bills to a better quality water for plants (no chlorine, which some plants dislike). Rainwater collection systems also benefit the environment. The obvious advantages are less withdrawal of groundwater and conserved use of treated municipal water. The less obvious advantage of rainwater collection is that it helps reduce stormwater runoff, lessening the amount of runoff that may lead to flooding. Click on Rain Barrel Construction Instructions to build your own rain barrel. "What Is A Rain Garden?" A rain garden is a landscape depression that intercepts runoff, and allows the water to slowly infiltrate into the groundwater table. As well as intercepting runoff that could possibly add to flooding and stream erosion problems, the rain garden allows nature to play a role in removing pollutants from stormwater runoff that could otherwise affect the water quality of nearby lakes, rivers, and streams. Plants use excess nutrients for growth, sediment gets trapped in the rain garden, and the rain garden becomes a landscaped feature in your yard that is also habitat for bees, butterflies, and birds. Plus, a rain garden uses water from your rooftop and driveway for irrigation, saving you money on your water bill. ​ For more information on upcoming Rain Barrel or Rain Garden Workshops, please click on Lexington County Workshops. “GO GREEN” Lexington County Car Wash Fundraiser Program The Lexington Countywide Stormwater Consortium (LCSC) has partnered with local commercial car wash operators to launch the Car Wash Fundraiser Program. Community groups can purchase discounted car wash coupons from participating facilities that they can then re-sell. It’s quick, easy and safe for the environment. ​ Car wash fundraisers are an important means for an organization to raise money, but if the wash water isn’t handled properly, it can be harmful to the environment. Car wash fundraisers are usually held in parking lots of local businesses where the water enters the storm drain. The water that enters a storm drain doesn’t go to a wastewater treatment facility where it is cleaned. Instead the water empties directly into local creeks, rivers and streams. All of the pollutants that are in wash water go down the storm drain and are deposited in local waterways as well. If you think about all the pollutants that are in car wash water, soaps, oils & grease, heavy metals, you realize that a lot of pollutants can be transported to local waterways. ​ Commercial car washing facilities direct their wash water to the sanitary sewer where the wash water is treated. Most commercial car wash facilities use special equipment to conserve water and recycle the wash water at their facility. Using a commercial facility is the best choice when washing a car. This partnership allows local organizations to meet their fundraising goals without holding the traditional (time consuming and labor intensive) car wash. Through this partnership groups can not only raise funds year-round they can also ensure that their fundraisers will not be harmful to the environment. We urge local groups to contact the participating car washes and get started selling tickets instead of holding car washes in a parking lot somewhere. more resources LEX. CO. WIDE STORM WATER CONSORTIUM LEXINGTON COUNTY STORM WATER ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY S. CONGAREE STORM WATER KEEP THE MIDLANDS BEAUTIFUL

  • INFORMATION | Townofsouthcongaree

    July 14th, 2020 Election Results South Congaree residents speak with their vote and elect their leadership for the next four years July 14, 2020 | South Congaree, SC (Paul Kirby) – In a race to see who will lead the Town of South Congaree over the next four years, the people of the town showed with their votes how passionate their feelings were about this slate of elected officials. A near record crowd turned out to cast their ballots for who will be their mayor and which two candidates were best for the two town council seats that were up for grabs. By the time the polls had closed at 7:00 p.m., 416 citizens had cast their votes in the contentious race. When all the votes, Cindy Campbell came out on top receiving 159 votes. Danny Jones was just 19 votes behind with 140 and Brian Jackson took 111. Incumbent Mayor Danny Jones was being challenged by current Town Councilmember Brian Jackson and political newcomer Cindy Campbell. Both Jones and Jackson are members of what could be considered the “old guard” of the town with family ties to the community that go back countless years. Their ideas on what the town should be like in the future and how to get there were very different. ​ Campbell was raised in South Congaree, left after living in town for forty years to live in a nearby community, and then returned to her hometown to live in Blue Ridge Terrace. She also wants to see changes and says she’s ready and eager to lead. After she was declared the winner Tuesday Campbell said, “I’m overwhelmed. We had a good day today.” In the race for the two town council seats, incumbent Dwayne Prosser and Mechelle Mabry faced political newcomers Jim Drennan, Teddy Huff, and Wally Shangle. After the votes were counted, incumbent Mechelle Mabry had 231 votes, Jim Drennan drew 189, Teddy Huff received 155, and incumbent Dwayne Prosser was unseated with 91 votes total. Wally Shangle has just 51 cast for him. Since the person with the most votes wins in South Congaree’s elections, that means that Mabry and Drennan will take the two open council seats. ​

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    the south congaree equestrian arena Website The South Congaree Equestrian Arena is located at 395 Oak Street, West Columbia, SC, 29172. It is managed by the Lexington County Recreation & Aging Commission. It consist of a large covered arena with a dirt floor ringed by a wooden livestock fence and a concrete area. It is well-lit and wired for electrical with many outlets around the arena. There is a well-equipped concession stand with permanent restroom facilities. There are some camper hookups on the site. It is the home to the South Congaree Championship Rodeo each July and the play This Man Called Jesus in December. This is a production of the life and times of Jesus Christ put on by all volunteers. It also plays host to a Jack Russell Terrier trial and other activities throughout the year. There is no alcohol allowed in the park and any illegal activity is strictly prohibited. This facility requires a lease to use. For maintenance issues or to contact the LCRAC about this park call 803-359-4048. Out of gallery

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    our website is undergoing an update. please be patient with us. check back soon. it will be a much better experience. For additional information you may not be able to locate on this webpage, please contact the town hall at (803) 755-2760