Town of South Congaree

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Town of South Congaree
Police Department 

Message from the 

Chief of Police, Josh Shumpert

It shall be the mission of the South Congaree Police Department to provide for the safety and security of the citizens of the town by serving and protecting the public interest and guarantee liberties of the individual through:

  • the enforcement of applicable laws and ordinances;
  • the promotion of crime prevention;
  • the investigation of criminal activity;
  • the identification and arrest of those                                                                                                                                    committing crime;
  • the advocacy of, and assistance to, those victimized by crime;
  • the control of traffic and the enforcement of traffic laws.

Our Agency Values

Essential to our mission are the values that guide our work and decisions, and help us contribute to the quality of life in the Town of South Congaree. Although, we sometimes must balance them, we never ignore them. The men and women of the Town of South Congaree Police Department values: 

  • Human Life; we value Human Life and dignity above all else. 
  • Integrity; we believe integrity is the basis of community trust.
  • Laws and Constitution; we respect and protect the rights of all citizens.
  • Excellence; we strive for personal and professional excellence. We therefore strive to do our                  best. We have vision for the future.
  • Accountability; we are accountable to each other and to the citizens we serve.
  • Planning and Research; we understand the importance of planning for the future. 
  • Cooperation; we believe that cooperation and teamwork will enable us to combine our diverse                backgrounds, skills, and knowledge to achieve common goals. 
  • Community Problem-Solving; we give high priority to preventing crime and helping citizens feel            safe.