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September 2020

My Fellow South Congaree Citizens:

What a whirlwind seven weeks since the election! Your new administration has been working diligently to make our town the best small town in South Carolina. We’ve met at least seven (7) times to work on the town’s business and we are excited about the new opportunities for our town.

We are working to advance the positive image and appearance of the town. The curbs on our streets are being manicured. Shrubs at the town hall and town park have been trimmed and shaped. Council has partnered with Palmetto Pride and “Clean Teams” to control the litter and debris on the streets of our main thoroughfares. If you would like to be a team captain for “Clean Teams,” please contact me directly for information.

We have secured temporary office personnel until a permanent replacement is found. We are working to find the best qualified permanent municipal clerk who will manage the office courteously and provide professional customer service and office management skills. New members are being secured for the boards and committees and training to certify these members will be provided. Office policies and procedures are being updated to insure transparency and ethical management of the town’s business. As soon as all meeting minutes are approved, they will be posted to the website, which will undergo updates and become more user friendly.

We are building relationships with the Pine Ridge-South Congaree Senior Center and the South Congaree-Pine Ridge Library. The Senior Center will

re-open in October, and the Library is open now with limited patron use. For more information about the activities at the Senior Center, please call

803-755-1274. Call the Library at 803-785-3050 to find out their hours of operation.

One of my goals as mayor is to have our town present a more professional image to you the citizens and to our fellow governmental agencies. For you, focused efforts and intentions from your town officials will show that we take pride in the image and appearance of our town, as well as the image and appearance of the workings of council. To improve the image of our town is to build a bright future for us all.

I would like to leave you with these thoughts from a wise individual ~

  • Think deeply—let no man deceive you.

  • Speak gently—mind your words. Once spoken, you can’t take them back.

  • Love much—love God, your family, your country.

  • Laugh often—a little laughter is good medicine for the soul.

  • Work hard—be diligent to make your way in the world through hard work.

  • Give freely—it is much better to give than to receive.

  • Be kind—kindness never cost you anything, but the rewards are immense.

With love for our town and its citizens,

Cindy Campbell

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